Volunteers Build Ramps for Disabled Neighbors

Special thanks to these caring volunteers who gave up an off-day to help a neighbor

A dedicated group of Daikin employees came together to give back to the community we work in by building a wheelchair ramp for a woman in need.

Tabitha, a Decatur woman that is diabetic and recently had to have her leg amputated, was having problems safely getting out of her house.

Carol Arrington, David Tate, Elisha Flakes, Dustin Harris, Charlie Thomas and Cindy Hanback spent time putting together the plans, gathering the tools and supplies, digging holes for post, and then on a Saturday in early November, built Tabitha a deck and two ramps off her house.

Tabitha was very excited and grateful to these employees that spent their weekend off from work to give back. They are a great example of how to use time, talent and a positive and giving attitude to help people in need. 

These volunteers have a very giving heart and we are proud to say they are a part of our Daikin family.