Modern Life Depends on the Kinds of Products Daikin Makes

Without the kind of products Daikin makes, modern life as we know it would not be possible.

You couldn’t fly from Phoenix to Denver, drive your car, use the Internet or smartphone, have certain medical procedures and surgeries, or use some of your favorite outdoor gear.

Take air travel, for example. Wires and cables in aircraft have to go from 110F on the tarmac to -48F at 39,000 feet all in a matter of a few minutes, without losing their shape or electric qualities. In short, our products help ensure a safer flight.

Then there’s the Internet. From data centers to your own home, our products make possible the cables that help carry the vast amounts of data that move around the globe at nearly the speed of light. Whether it’s an Ethernet cable connected to your computer, or the coaxial cable that delivers cable television to your home, our products make it last longer and perform better under widely varying conditions.

A range of systems in your gasoline powered or electrical vehicle work better by incorporating our products. They provide the resiliency to heat and chemicals and the reliability to keep you moving–from the powertrain, to tubes and hoses, and even the semiconductors so important to the operation of today’s complex automobiles.

And that’s only the beginning.

Our products are in things that are important in your life: from surgical gowns to semiconductors to sportswear and solar power. Even your to-go order at a restaurant is likely to involve the kinds of products we make.

Today, we are looking to future innovations in areas like additive manufacturing and thermal management and pioneering new methods that will be literally out of this world in their application.