Volunteers Host Christmas Party for Terrell Industries

Volunteers from Daikin’s Decatur plant provided a Christmas party for the employees and staff of Terrell Industries at their Hartselle workshop this week.

Daikin Employees served a lunch of pizza, soft drinks, cookies and festive candy canes to help everyone get into the Christmas spirit.

Terrell Industries is a non-profit organization that has provided gainful employment to those with special needs for more than a quarter century.

Like any non-profit, it relies on donations and in-kind assistance to achieve its worthy mission.

Many thanks to the Daikin volunteers who participated and to Forrest Keith and Staci Dutton for organizing the festivities.

General Affairs & Training Manager Forrest Keith said it’s part of a larger effort around the Christmas season.

“We try to reach as many different areas within the community as possible in December, recognizing that there are folks who need our help in differing ways. Other Daikin seasonal programs include the Angel Tree program and the donation of bicycles to needy children through Toys for Tots.