Safety Employee of the Year Decorates Her Safety Tree

Amanda Wyrick’s Safety Tree commemorates her SEOY Award

When Amanda Wyrick, a Daikin FTFE Finishing Operator in Decatur, won the Safety Employee of the Month award in 2017, she was thrilled. The prize was a cordless impact drill, which she wanted to win in order to donate it to her area.

Just a few months later, Amanda was named Safety Employee of the Year and honored with the traditional planting of a safety tree on the Daikin site. That’s when she had an idea.

Amanda explains: “The Safety Trees are planted on site and can be a daily reminder to be safe, think safe, and work safe. I asked if it would be okay to decorate my tree and was given permission. In July 2021, I brought flags and streamers and decorated my Safety Tree for the Fourth of July,” Amanda said.

She has since decorated it in a Halloween theme. But whatever the decor, Amanda says she hopes it serves as a daily reminder of the importance of safety to every Daikin worker.

“I appreciate being able to walk through the walkway every day and know that safety is important here. I am proud to work for Daikin, and I hope I will be able to hold onto that pride and let it shine through me and my Safety Tree for others to see,” Amanda said.

Amanda Wyrick has another reason to stay focused on safety: a granddaughter.

“I now have a beautiful granddaughter that I hopefully will get to watch grow up. Knowing that there are family and friends of each employee here makes it a personal responsibility to do everything I can do to make sure I am safe, and everyone around me stays safe,” she said.

Amanda Wyrick’s family photograph includes her granddaughter, who represents just one more reason to stay focused on safety at Daikin’s Decatur facility.