PHOTO Gallery: Dragon Boat Races 2022

Daikin Taiko Drum Team kicks off the Opening Ceremony of the long-awaited return of Dragon Boat Races.
Mr. Kei Shimaji, President of Toray America, performed the ceremonial “Dotting of the Dragon’s Eye,” signaling the beginning of the competition.
Daikin team “Blew By You” huddle up prior to marshaling for their first heat.
“Rowin Down the River” crew members prepare to board.
“Blew By You” pose for their crew photograph.
“Rowin Down the River” crosses the finish line, winning their first heat of the day before winning their class.
“Blew By You” in the heat of competition, with the finish line fast approaching.
“Blew By You” crew Marshalls for their first heat.
Special thanks to the grilling crew for keeping us so well fed, shown here with Ralph Werling and Forrest Keith.