Announcing Daikin Chemical Collection Day: 3/12/2022

Daikin volunteers help the community dispose of household chemicals.

Daikin’s Decatur facility takes part each year in Chemical Collection Day, allowing local residents to safely and responsibly dispose of household chemicals they no longer need.

This year, Daikin volunteers will provide the service on Saturday, March 12.

The 9am to Noon event will take place at the City of Decatur Public Works Compound located at 1802 Central Parkway SW.

This event allows residents to bring used dry-cell batteries, used motor oil, paint, household cleaners, gasoline, kerosene, oil, aerosol cans, pool chemicals, fertilizers, fluorescent bulbs, pesticides and herbicides to a centralized location for proper disposal. 

Last year, the following were collected and disposed of properly:

50lbs –       Fluorescent Bulbs

100lbs –     UN1950 Aerosols

400lbs –     Pesticides

800lbs –     Paint related material

30lbs –       NICD Batteries

50lbs –       Sodium Nitrate

100lbs –     Non Dot/Non RCRA regulated material

20lbs –       Mercury

2600lbs –   Flammable Liquids(paint)

200lbs –     Batteries

1200lbs –   Paint related material

40lbs –       Lithium Batteries

Special thanks to last year’s volunteers: Carl Thomison, Bill Ulrich, Roni Roth, Ralph Werling, and Chad Bevis.