Be Happy in a Happi Coat at Daikin Festival 2024

When you come to Daikin Festival 2024 at Mallard Point on May 3 from 6:30 to 9pm, you may see that some festival-goers seem extra festive in their happi coats – traditional Japanese festival wear going back generations.

Happi coats are shorter versions of the kimono, worn by both men and women: short robes that cross in the front and tie with a sash. They are almost always made from cotton and dyed a cheerful red or indigo blue with various designs and words in white and other colors. They will often have the name of the festival or the participating association in kanji (Japanese writing).

Do you have a happi coat? If so, you’ll fit right in at Daikin Festival 2024 while you enjoy wonderful food, entertainment and activities ranging from traditional dancing to learning shodo calligraphy. We can’t wait to see you!

Photo CC by MIKI Yoshihito