Daikin’s Angel Tree 2022 Delivers Presents

The Daikin employee lobby overflowed with bags full of presents for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program, presents that would soon be loaded by volunteers to go to needy children and families. Daikin employees adopted fifty Angels to help during the holidays.

Every year, families are referred to the program, which prints the names of each child in the family onto an Angel tag, along with a list of gifts the child would like to receive for Christmas. The tags are placed on Angel Trees at local businesses and organizations. Generous donors select tags, purchase the gifts, and return them to the Angel Tree in time for those gifts to go to the Salvation Army for distribution to the families.

We are so proud of all the Daikin team who adopted Angels, provided Toy Angel gifts, or made donations. Your kindness will mean a lot to the children and their families this Christmas!