Daikin hosts educators for Teachers in Industry Day

The Daikin team welcomed local educators for the first annual Teachers in Industry Day, giving visiting teachers a broad view of Daikin’s Decatur operation.

In the morning, the teachers were introduced to Daikin as a global company, and where Daikin America fits into the greater Daikin organization. They were given an overview of the Decatur plant operation, the basic chemistry behind our products, and the applications for our products.

The teachers then went through a one hour, high-level safety orientation where the basics of Chemical Plant safety were introduced.

We finished the morning with a presentation from every non-Operations department at the Decatur plant; describing the basic function of each department and the type of educational background that is required for each.

After a great lunch provided by the Chamber, the afternoon was spent focusing on Manufacturing operations. The group received a plant tour; getting an explanation of some of the key technologies in the plant and talking with numerous operators about what it takes to be successful at Daikin.

We then discussed co-op opportunities at the Decatur plant; focusing primarily on the Calhoun Community College EPIC/PCT program for aspiring Chemical Plant operators and our Daikin co-op and intern program for aspiring Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical engineers.

We wrapped up the day by answering any questions that were generated from the discussion. The Daikin team enjoyed having the opportunity to share our business with teachers and hopefully provided them with some valuable insight toward their goal of equipping the workers of tomorrow.