Daikin employees responded to call for blood donations

Daikin employees responded generously to a recent call for blood donations from LifeSouth. More than 35 members of the team stepped up with their life-saving donations.

We all know that each pint of blood donated through the drive can save 3 lives. But did you know that your blood could be requested for certain groups?

One of our team members was contacted by the Corporate office in Birmingham about donating. Their blood was needed urgently for a child in Childrens Hospital in Birmingham. Because our team members understand the importance of donating, this particular donor was already on the list to donate. Only 2% of regular donors have this particular subtype of blood and the supply was at a critical level. Our team member’s donation allowed a family to rest easier knowing that blood was on the way for their child.

This is just one of many stories that illustrates the importance of regular donations. We are honored by the kindness and generosity of our employees.