Daikin Helps School Nurses With Supplies

Morgan County school nurses with supplies provided by Daikin.

Kelsey Crow, a Morgan County school nurse reached out to Daikin this year asking for items to fill a goody bag for each of the 20 nurses in the school system.

This is a great way to start the year off with encouragement from the community and to show our school nurses our sincere appreciation for taking care of “our” kids.

This is the 4th year Daikin America has donated to this cause. We donated the items shown for each goody bag.

Many do not know this, but the school nurses get just $100 for the school year to buy supplies. They depend on parents and the community to help stock their health rooms or they buy the supplies themselves. Daikin is grateful for the opportunity to join other area companies in donating.

Kelsey said, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for supporting my team. I appreciate you so so much and so did my team.”

We hope our school nurses have a great year and we thank them for all they do.

Some of the supplies provided by Daikin to Morgan County school nurses.