Daikin Volunteers Rally to Help Kentucky Storm Victims

Mayfield, Kentucky was among the towns ravaged by a December 10, 2021.
[PHOTO: CC by State Farm]

On December 10, 2021, the deadliest tornado outbreak on record for the month of December produced catastrophic damage and dozens of fatalities across the Southern U.S. and Ohio Valley.

One of the most violent tornadoes ravaged the Kentucky towns of Mayfield, Bremen, Princeton, and Dawson Springs, leaving a storm track that stretched for more than 165 miles.

The National Weather Service’s Doppler radar analysis estimated that the supercell in which the tornado was embedded maintained a nearly continuous rotation averaging 94 mph for nearly four and a half hours.

Hundreds of Kentucky families were impacted by the tornado outbreak, and when Daikin employees saw the extent of the devastation, they came together to help.

The Maintenance Department at Daikin’s Decatur facility volunteered to transport any and everything their coworkers could collect to send to Kentucky storm victims.

A warehouse on the site became the collection point, and working from a list of items most needed, including batteries for first responder helmet lights, Daikin employees came through.

From diapers to razors, cough medicine to shampoo, volunteers donated generously and the Maintenance Department made good on its promise, helping Kentuckians through a trying time.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out in this important effort.

An aerial view of Mayfield, KY, devastated in the deadly December 10, 2021 tornado outbreak. [PHOTO: CC by State Farm]