What is a Happi Coat?

A traditional Happi, worn at Japanese festivals for centuries.

At the Daikin Festival–May 5 from 6:30 until 9:00pm at Point Mallard Park–you may see some festival goers wearing a Happi? What is it?

A Happi is a traditional Japanese coat with tube sleeves that is often worn at festivals. The coat usually has graphic symbols or text on the lapels and back of the cotton fabric.

Aside from festivals, Happi coats have been used for centuries to display a family’s crest or symbol.  They were also sometimes used by tradespeople, shop owners, and even by companies of firefighters for easy identification

So, join us for Daikin Festival 2023, where everything is free of charge.

It’s fun for the entire family, with Japanese Folk Dancing, Shodo (calligraphy), Yakisoba (grilled buckwheat noodles with beef and special sauce), BBQ, refreshing drinks, and special prizes. We’ll even have Amezaiku–Japanese candy artistry, in which an artist creates tiny, edible sculptures.

The evening will conclude with a fireworks display by PYRO Shows.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Daikin Festival 2023.