Kelly Madden Knows the Value of Products She Makes

Layla Madden enjoying time with her family.

As they go about their daily lives, few consumers stop to think about how products made by Daikin America help make modern life possible.

Without the products our work makes possible you couldn’t fly across the country on a modern aircraft, drive your car, use the Internet or smartphone, have certain medical procedures and surgeries, or use some of your favorite outdoor gear.

But one Daikin employee in Decatur, Alabama is especially aware of the value of Daikin products: PTFE Clerk Kelly Madden.

That’s because Kelly’s daughter, Layla, was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare condition caused by a dangerous combination of heart defects present at birth. The defects, which affect the structure and proper functioning of the heart were corrected by the very PTFE that Kelly and her team work together to create.

Layla had two major surgeries to correct her heart defects. The first was the installation of a valve to help Layla’s blood flow properly through the heart. The second was a shunt, a thin tube made of PTFE, that re-routes blood flow to the lungs where it becomes oxygenated.

Thanks to the quality products produced in Decatur, Layla has an opportunity now to lead a happy and healthy life.

And that is something everyone at Daikin can be proud of.

This story was posted in the PTFE production department by the supervisor to remind everyone of the value of their work.