Daikin Sponsors 2022 Dragon Boat Races

The Daikin Taiko Drum Team got things started with a rousing performance.

After a two-year pandemic pause, Dragon Boat Races returned to Decatur’s Point Mallard last weekend. And, as has been the case each year of the competition, Daikin was a part of the event, which raises money to support new equipment purchases at Morgan Decatur Hospital.

An estimated 5,000 people turned out to watch 42 boats race, including two crews from Daikin Decatur: “Blew By You,” and “Rowin’ Down the River.”

This year’s fund-raising goal was $100,000 to be used toward the purchase of a surgical robot at our community hospital.

Our Taiko Drum Team got things started with an Opening Ceremony that also included the ceremonial dotting the dragon’s eye by Mr. Kei Shimaji, President of Toray America.

Daikin’s “Blew By You” crew adopted a Mardi Gras theme for their boat.

Both Daikin teams were highly competitive, and “Rowin Down the River” took home the first place trophy in their class, with the fourth-fastest time overall. Each team included members of the Boys & Girls Club of Decatur.

“Blew by You,” with its Mardi Gras theme, was hailed as having the best name of any crew in the event. It was led by Captain Cynthia Haley of the Maintenance Department.

Crew members included: Drummer Michelle Legg, Patrick Peter, Mohammed Diallo, Howard Hodge, Kelly Madden, Lisa Waller, Yaritza Sanchez, Yuichiro Nitta, Hiroyuki Kagitani, Kaitlynn Dudley, Vanessa Waits, Sean Haley, Maurice Ayers, Taylor Hall, Daliyah Jones, and Laura Murrah.

“Rowin Down the River” was captained by Luke Johnson of the PTFE Finishing Department.

“Rowin’ Down the River” brought home a first-place trophy in their class.

The “Rowin” crew: Drummer Peggy Coffey, Nathan Alexander, DD Fukuda, Kyle Hori, Rachel Burden, Dakota Hill, Tim O’Neil, Angela O’Neil, Clay Lowery, Erika Lowery, Amy White, Riley Coffey, Patien Jones, Eli Gann, Kourtney West, Keller Beasley, Jennifer Melson, and Jacob Reider.

It takes more than just rowers to make a dragon boat event a success. Special thanks to these team members and to everyone who came out to cheer them on.

DAI Taiko Drum Team: Eriko Ellis, Sadako Broome, Peggy Coffey, Kelly Madden, Amanda Wyrick, Meaghan Blake, Ivi Shaw, and Bobby Riley.

Drum Team Logistics by Wayne Snyder, Brian Letson, Mark Brewer, Mike Hayes, and Kyle Harville.

No Dragon Boat crew can achieve success without a great team of grillers, shown here with Ralph Werling and Forrest Keith.

Grillers Randy Robinson, Mark Cowhick, Paul Rutherford, & Heath Legg.

Tents and Tables by Cynthia Haley & Heath Legg.

Water and Gatorade supply, Eddie Pike.

And special thanks to Mathew Orr from A5 for including our partners at the Boys & Girls Club of Decatur.

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